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Today's Specials is a great new mobile app that makes finding specials at nearby restaurants fun and easy! Download the FREE app and start searching for delicious food and great deals today!


Mobile, Social, In-Venue – Today’s Specials is your complete marketing solution
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New App Delivers Restaurant Specials

Monday, January 30, 2012, Folsom California, Proximity Solutions officially launched its new mobile restaurant app, Today’s Specials –available on both iOS and Android mobile devices...

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Company Markets App for WC Restaurants

Some restauranteurs in Walnut Creek will be taking advantage of the beta-beta or "pseudo-beta" test of a new app (smart phone application) — "Today's Specials" — that promises to drive diners to the establishment's door. And in...

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Hungry? There's an app for that in Folsom

With more than 100 local eateries in town, a new cell phone application will help people choose the best place to eat offering the best deal.

This week a new mobile app called “Today’s Specials” was launched, helping locals answer the ongoing question, “Where do I want to go to eat?”

Now, hungry consumers, armed with this new mobile tool, can easily find restaurant specials in their immediate area before they even get to the restaurant, said Scott Kirk, Proximity Solutions CEO and Folsom resident for 12 years...

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The Growth in Popularity of Mobile Applications Highlights the Value of Social Objects as Engagement Drivers in Social Media, Says Punch Communications

A survey conducted by Flurry Analytics found that one billion mobile applications were downloaded in the week between Christmas Day and New Years Day, a 60% increase over downloads recorded during early December...

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Ex-LivingSocial Sales Guy: "There's Going To Be An Implosion And A Major Shakeout In The Industry"

...On the consumer side, people have realized something that my old boss at LivingSocial said that I think rings very true, is that "People can go broke saving money."

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Business Owners Are Getting Sick Of Groupon And Groupon Clones' Pitches

Based on the attitudes of some restaurant owners in San Francisco, he's right.

At a dinner last night hosted by social network marketing startup Roost, several restaurant owners said they were getting fed up with daily deals pitches.

Joe Hargraves of Tacolicious said that he has probably gotten 40 pitches over the last year from Groupon and other daily deals salespeople. He refuses them all -- his prices are already low, and he doesn't think he'll gain anything by one-time discounts to people who otherwise wouldn't be interested in his place...

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